Helena Grace in Rome

Recently I went on holiday with my family - a cruise actually. Not that I ever expected myself to be on a Cruise Ship, but I was... It was a 5 day Mediterranean Cruise. One of the stops was Rome, so this is my short, but awfully sweet experience of Rome. Home of the Roman Empire and the Italian Renaissance, I had wanted to visit for absolutely years (Gladiator might have been a huge influence on me...)

 Unfortunately on this short day trip I did not get to see the Colosseum, which is on my Bucket List. However, I do fully intend on returning to spend a good few days here.  

The Spanish steps in glorious sunshine

Beautiful flora at the Spanish Steps

The Trevi Fountain! Or Fontana Di Trevi! As expected very busy around here, but not impossibly crowded. I was able to get a few nice photos. 

I wish more of my afternoons could be spent by the Trevi Fountain eating Hazelnut Gelato. FYI proper Gelato from a Gelateria is an absolute MUST when in Rome - in fact Italy in general. It became a daily ritual when I went to Venice many years ago. 

Amazing and picturesque streets. 

Just hanging out at the Pantheon - temple to the Gods, astonishingly with many of it's original features; possibly my favourite thing in Rome (apart from the Gelato)

Look at this happy little espresso machine. 

Piazza Navona

Very expensive coffee in Piazza Navona, but it had to be done! Just be aware of prices and service charges.

I spotted an Old Fiat 500. Yeah buddy! I want one so much. 

Keeping things cool at the Vatican City.

St Peter's Basilica - very impressive! A must see, and look out for the Swiss Guard.

Rome, I will return one day. 

Love, HG

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