Lunch at Liberty

Mother was in town. After she treated me to a few goodies for our upcoming Cruise Holiday; I treated us to lunch at Cafe Liberty in the lovely Liberty's in London. 

The main point of this post is that the Seafood platter is amazing! I could just leave it at that. Just look at it. 

I think this dish had a very Scandinavian feel, very fresh and light. None of your potted Prawns in butter. 

Quite busy at lunchtime, but we managed to get in with no reservations pretty promptly. 

Salmon fishcakes with cabbage and raisins.  

We shared the Fishivore platter. Consisting of Scottish oak Smoked Salmon, Mackerel paté, queen Scallop Ceviche, dill pickled Herring, Taramasalata, beetroot slaw, Cornichons. Now, I am a sucker for a platter, and this was amazing. Smoked Salmon not too smoked, the Herring was divine. Not to mention that I probably could have eaten a whole bowl of the beetroot slaw.

Quick browse around the Historic Liberty's of London before leaving. 

Flowers of Liberty

Nice little ride home over the bridge. 

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