Helena Grace in Beijing

In the Autumn of 2012, my work contract had finished, so I decided to go to Asia for a couple of months. My first stop was Beijing, China. I was meeting friends in a different city, Xian (no doubt a post on that will follow), so I spent about 2 days in Beijing on my own. Here is what I saw. 

Fancy festival hall type building, very pretty lit up at night, there are some nice gardens by here too. Very serene in the evening, however I was extremely tired from the flight, so I might have just been in my own little world. 

The section of the Great Wall I visited was Mutianyu - believe it is the 2nd most 'touristy' spot to visit it. I didn't want to go to the 'main' point for visiting the Great Wall, I am not one for large crowds of tourists. 

Amazing views

Great Wall selfie

Cheeky GoPro snap at the top, I love how everything looks so wide angle and curved. It really shows the surroundings off. 

Having a great time, although sweating after my mini trek!

I was slightly concerned about the health and safety aspects... dodgy rusty chair lift to the top

The photo does not illustrate how steep these were!!

My hotel was near the Railway Station, pretty handy really

Beijing City Hostel, not a great Hostel, not an awful one either. It was safe, and convenient, however I was sharing with some Chinese girls, who were all particularly loud. 

Guard in Tienanmen Square 

The Forbidden City

Pinhole Forbidden City

I was slightly disappointed with Beijing. I enjoyed the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall. Though the Great Wall was an excursion, and I found that there was not that much to see or do in the city of Beijing itself. Regardless, it is good to have seen and experienced it. 

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