Lots of delicious food in Jersey

I went to see one of my best friends who lives in Jersey. I go quite frequently, so this is just a selection of some of the best foods and restaurants we have had when over there. For the record... this is Jersey Channel Islands. Not New Jersey. Just to be clear.

I can reassure you, these are fresh moules. In an amazing Thai cream sauce for start. I could eat a vat of these, and I am not even exaggerating that much

Sea Bass wrapped in some sort of leaf with oriental Veg, you can see I am happy about this life choice.

Another look at the main

Homemade pizza, made from scratch with what we found in the fridge. It turned out rather well. 

This is Max. 

Max is a very handsome boy, as you can see. 

I couldn't leave without having more Moules.

 Cheeky little Ploughmans board at Durrel Zoo.

Not food related, but the German WWII tunnels are pretty cool. A very interesting time in History, when Germany occupied Jersey during the War. 

REAL Scones with REAL Jersey cream on the beach, yes please

Good lord, words and photos cannot describe how good.

I usually eat well in Jersey. 

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