Burger and Lobster

After hearing many good things; I had been wanting to go to Burger and Lobster for a long time. I Luckily I had a friend visiting from Manchester, so as a belated birthday treat (with a hidden agenda) I took her to Burger and Lobster in Soho. 

It was a Friday night and we had not made reservations. As a result, we ended up waiting for 1hr 10mins for a table! Having said that, the wait was rather enjoyable, we had plenty to catch up, not to mention plenty to drink. By the time we came to sit down to our table at 11pm, we were famished. 

I must say, it is a damn fine Lobster for £20. My preference would usually be grilled, I find it just adds to the meaty flavour. 

 Happy to have a table!

This may or may not need explanation: The menu consists of just Burger or Lobster, both with chips. I opted for Burger (Medium to rare) and Hannah opted for the Lobster (steamed not grilled). The waiter then told us that if we are ordering both things, they will split them half and half on our plates. That way everybody wins!

Casual dining at the bar gives a nice relaxed, yet trendy atmosphere.

Inside the Soho branch.

Prepared for things to get messy.

 Lobster Verdict: Cooked well, tasty, meaty, not tough, and the Garlic Butter was amazing. The Lobster received a gratuitous drowning in the Garlic Butter. Not to mention dipping the fries in, as I am such a beacon of health. 

Despite what my face suggests, the food was very good, and the fries were great!

Burger Verdict: I must say, not THE best Burger, arguably worth £20 for a Burger. However, it was very very tasty, clearly using good cuts of Beef in the Kitchen. Cooked to perfection too.

 I do like the idea of Lobster and Burger, 2 things on the menu. Both £20. However, as enjoyable as the whole dining experience was; I would say that there are better quality and cheaper burgers available in London. Yes I rank this restaurant as a very enjoyable dining experience. 

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